Where it all began

SoCandy grew her name as a Fitness Influencer formerly known as, “FitLikeCandy”. As time went on she decided she wanted to take a step back from fitness and focus more on her musical craft. SoCandy has maintained a loyal fanbase and continues to grow everyday!

From East to West

SoCandy whose birth name is Candace Thompson grew up in the small town of O’Fallon, Illinois. The former elite gymnast grew a love for music long before pursuing a career. Influenced by artists like Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, Curren$y, Nicki Minaj, ect. SoCandy decided to take on her biggest dreams. While working as a Cyber Security Analyst, SoCandy pushes to be the next superstar.

« YOU are the reason you succeed. YOU are the reason you fail. No one believes in you as much as you believe in you. Be unforgettable. »
– SoCandy